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Belted Vs Non Belted Cartridges

Re: Belted Vs Non Belted Cartridges
« Reply #15 on: February 26, 2019, 09:02:02 AM »
I shoot both belted and non belted magnums. 338 Lapua, 325WSM, 7mm WSM ad 270WSM are the non belted. My 338 Lapua is set up as a target rifle, 1/2MOA.  The 325 WSM and the 7mm WSM are the most accurate hunting rifles I own, both Model 70's, 3/4 MOA.  I have 270 and 300 WBY's and a 300Win Mag T/C Compass, all MOA or real close. I think belted ammo was a good idea over 100 years ago.  If you are spacing your belted ammo by the shoulder and not the belt, what's the point of the belt?  ;D

Haha what's the point that of all those rifles?  ;D ;D

We know it was fashion at a time but I feel that they are more reliable with factory ammo due to sloppy headspace between ammo and chambers.

Most if not all of the misfire posts here on the forum relate to beltless cases and usually factory ammo. Properly handloaded ammo is equally reliable. As Grouchy says you are then headspacing properly on the shoulder.
I shoot cases with a belt because I feel the other cartridges need to pull their trousers up.