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Am I expecting too much from Mark V Deluxe?

Re: Am I expecting too much from Mark V Deluxe?
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Ruger Precision Rifle with Vortex Viper Gen II PST 5-25x50mm scope shooting Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor 147gr ELD-Match ammo.

Very nice setup. I have the same scope on my .223 Wylde Match AR (JP Barrel). I also have a Bergara B14-HMR 6.5 Creedmore with a Schmidt & Bender PM II 5-25x52mm. I'm in the process of working up loads for it. It shoots pretty well now but I know it can do much better.

The most amazing 6.5 I have is the Mark V 6.5-300. It will shoot near hole in hole at 100 yards off my lead sled with my Swaro 3.5-18x50mm. And, while it's doing that it will blow chunks off solid granite boulders.
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