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Correct Rings for Leupold Mark V 5-25 scope on a Barrett M82A1 Light 50 BMG

I doubt anyone really needs this here. I thought I would post it since getting it wrong can be expensive or at the least, frustrating. The correct rings are the Talley Tactical 6 Screw Rings, part number BAT356X. Their height is 1.41" (Extra High). If you want to substitute with another brand DO NOT go by the Extra High designation, call to ensure that they are at least 1.40" high.
Mark V Deluxe .257,6.5-300,300
Mark V Tactical 338 Lapua, .308
Tikka T3x Light 22-250
Ber B-14 HMR 6.5 CM
Marlin 1895 SBL 45-70
Win 94 30-30
AR-15 Match 5.56
AR-15 Match Wylde .223
AR-10 Match .308
WASR-10/63 AK47 7.62x57
Russian SKS 7.62x57
Turkish Mauser 8mm
UZI Mini Pistol 9mm
Barrett M82A1 50BMG

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