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416 WBY info

416 WBY info
« on: August 01, 2020, 04:10:56 PM »
Hello , I recently picked up a 416 WBY that I canít identify the model. It was sold to me as a Bell and Carlson factory stock , which it is. The barrel and receiver is matte finish. Both recoil lugs are bedded with a black compound the same way my 460 Lazermark was , although a different color. The barrel is 26Ē. I got no reason not  to believe it left the factory like this , but was model is it? Thanks in advance. [/img]
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Re: 416 WBY info
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custom shop rifle

ultralite-240 Wby
synthetic-240 Wby
synthetic-257 Wby
ultralite-270 Wby
fibermark-270 Wby
accumark-270 Wby
accumark-7mm Wby
stainless-300 Wby
accumark-30378 Wby
fibermark-340 Wby
accumark-338378 Wby
custom-375 Wby
DGR-378 Wby
DGR-416 Wby
custom DGR-460 Wby