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A Few Pics of the New Lease

Re: A Few Pics of the New Lease
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Why don't you guy's make small trick tanks ?  Some may call them Guzzlers.     AZ game & fish has them around  the state to self water game animals where other means of watering are not feasible.  It's not perfect but they do work.   Most use some type of corrugated tin that funnels the water down into a small usually concrete box, trough,   with a small ramp to allow the animals safely walk down to drink.  Some use basically stocks tanks of some type as a catchment,   some  use rain water as it's main source of water or some use black plastic covings to sweat the water from the plastic down onto the corrugated metal funnel into the small water catchment.  Sometimes G&F or volunteers will haul water,   cisterns is another possible way of capturing water.   My wife and I were hunting Sonita area in AZ for Coues Whitetail way back in this canyon we heard a loud racket of metal being torn up , anyway this rather large black bear decided to come into this trick tank and was jumping all over the corrugated metal having a good old time playing around just hearing himself , pretty good chunk of corrugated metal maybe 20 ft by 30 ft or so going down to the drinker.   I'm sure all the local animals knew it was there.  We watched him for awhile until he decided he had enough fun and wander off to where our Quads were parked down the trail, I figured he was going to go rob my snacks on the Quads and start tearing things up so we got up and  got to them before he did.   
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Re: A Few Pics of the New Lease
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I also live in AZ and over the years have taken part in waterhole projects with the Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society. The collectors do get damaged by large animals, (bears), rock falls, blowdowns etc. and need repairs. The sheep society does our projects in the winter months. It's a great time to be out in the desert. If you need a break from winter contact the society at www.adbss.org several projects are scheduled each season. JM
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Re: A Few Pics of the New Lease
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Nice blinds, and nice area.  Reminds me of where I hunted in the Limpopo Province in South Africa.  Good luck to ya.
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