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call me a traditionalist,I like wooden stocks(the look the feel etc.) and think composit,synthetic,fibreglass etc. stocks are ugly and would not have 1 in my safe. I dont care what color you paint them they are unnatural in both look and feel and butt ugly.for this reason I would not consider a vanguard when they were only avaible with a composit stock..when I learned they becme available with a wood stock I ordered 1 in 22-250. when it arrived it looked good with a beautiful red walnut satin finish monte carlo stock.it handled nice and felt good.put a leupold 3X9 VXII on it. it did not shoot well, 11/4 to 11/2" with 40 or 50 grn bulletts and 55 grn were all over the place.(2 inch was rare and about the best it would get) I glass bedded the action,free floated the barrel and installed a Timney set at 2lbs
I worked up a load using H380 and hit the jackpot when I went to a magnum primer.it now shoots consistent 1 hole groups with the 40 grn. and 1/2 inch and under with some 1 hole with the 50 grn. and now shoots the 55 grn 1 to 1 3/8 inch.I feel that is do to the 1 in 14 twist. I use the 40grn for P dogs and other rodents and the 50 grn for coyotes.
it now has a 3X9 Nikon Buckmaster and I have put over 3,000 rounds thru this rifle with no signs of barrel erosion but I don't let it get hot just good and warm.
if there is 1 thing weatherby could to to improve the 22-250 is to go to at least a 1 in 10 twist and to better stabalize larger bullets 1 in 8 or 9 would be even better.
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