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Who made Africa so fascinating for us -- Africa, The Golden Age till Present

My list is;

1. P.H. Capstick
2. J.A. Hunter
3. Wally Taber


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How bout Herb Klein!!
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1.Edwin C. Fox (my father & bigest hero)
2.Roy Weatherby
3.Ed Weatherby
4.Herb Kline
5.Elmer Keith
6.Elgin Gates
7.Craig Boddington

Good Hunting And Shooting To all


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1.  My friends that live there
2.  Many friends that hunt there
3.  James Mellom  African Hunter great book
4.  Boddington African Hunter II  Another great book for the 1 st time safari hunters
5.  Capstick  Just for the reading
6.  Beota, Peter and Yako my PH's

I know there a bit corny, but Wilbur Smith novels "Courtney's of Africa ' etc.... I read them all.
exhale and squeeze

It seems I forgot to add Mark Sullivan of Nitro Express productions.

Well said selous, exactly why I live in the Cascade mountains of Washington. I can step out my door with pack and rifle and walk for A week and see no one but myself when I bend to drink from A clear , ice cold mountain stream! I look up to MT. Rainier on one side, MT Adams and Mt ST Helens on the other! "Gods country indeed"

purplefox, I understand how you feel. He does seem to be a few bricks short of a load, but the man has incredible talent on handling charges from dangerous game.

I started reading J.A. Hunter when I was a kid in Readers Digest no less.  Then I graduated to the likes of Ruark, &  Hemingway, really anything I could get my hands on especially in magazines like Sports Afield.  I also wore out the pages of the Weatherby guides looking at all the pictures of the trophies and the people who hunted for them.  This was a big influence for me.

Soon Capstick came along and since he was a pretty prolific writer I devoured quite a bit of his books.  My favorite though not about Africa has always been Jim Corbett.  He just has a way to make you think your there with him.  He can keep you on the edge of your seat like no other writer can.  Besides few hunters accomplished what he did. There's still a lot I haven't read.  I try to pick up a few books at a time to add to my collection.
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