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One caliber or two calibers?

Re: One caliber or two calibers?
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Two Rifles?  I have done 5 hunting trips to Africa: zimabawe, benin, tanzania, and south afrika (twice). Two hunts included buffalo (benin and tanzania) so I brought a .416 Rem Mag and a light rifle, a 7 x 57.  Made HUGE MISTAKE on zimbabwe trip using PH's rifle, found it printed 5 inches left at 50 yds and lost Kudu & zebra because of it. All other trips brought just a .300 wby vanguard and that's all I needed for zebra, gemsbok, southern greater kudu and impala. Buy the good ammo and don't look back. I used ammo
with Barnes tsx bullets because they shoot clean through, rib bones and all and leave nice exit holes. Everything shot either dropped or was dead in 5 seconds or less.