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.270 Vanguard Sporter gets christened


.270 Vanguard Sporter gets christened
« on: November 14, 2009, 08:38:57 PM »
Opening day for rifle here, at 7:30am +/- a few minutes I was delighted to take a 10 point 200 (estimate) pound buck with my nice new Weatherby rifle. A standard 130 grain .270 Win Super-X power point cartridge was used from around 120 yards down a slope and tack on for the tree-stand I'd call it 30-40 feet below me, wind was minimal. It sports a 3X9X40 Zeiss Conquest w/ Rapid-Z 600 reticle and is zeroed for 200 yards. My crazy obsession for shooting paid off in aces today, it's amazing how many thoughts run through your mind in a matter of a few seconds. The deer was almost perfect broadside just a touch quartering away, bullet placement took out the shoulder on my side and a lung just north of the heart and exited at the front of the leg on the opposite side, the bullet stayed together nicely after encountering bone. The animal went in a small semi-circle and expired (not a DRT but very humane).
This is my first wall hanger and at 53 when both my sons and son-in-law have multiple mounts it really felt good to get accolades from them as we all are passionate about our deer hunting.
I wish everyone the jubilant exhilaration I was blessed with. Thanks to Weatherby for building a great rifle.