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hunting with a compound bow


Re: hunting with a compound bow
« Reply #15 on: February 17, 2010, 05:10:20 PM »
sounds like all you guys are more into fixed blades!! are they so much better than the mechanicals? i cannot say that i don't like them as well but man when i saw what those rages will do... Man!! you know zonie, i have heard of those slick tricks from a friend in dallas texas! i thought he told me that they were designed by a fella who lives there in the texas area! terminator have you heard of this... apparently there is a really nice bow hunting club there and they really push them! sounds like a nice broadhead!! i been thinking about getting a few just to try... still gonna keep shooting those rages though!

shane, im glad to hear about your (and your wife's) first secession!!! teens hugh? man its always nice to see young people turning their lives over to the Lord!! its hard to get people to listen to the good news when they're not ready. and with teens there is soo much pulling at them! we had a guy to turn his life over and confess a new hope in Christ on mothers day! he says that was his gift to his mother... guess how old he is? looks to be about 50 years old!  i was so happy for him! its never to late as long as the blood still runs warm in our veins!! i already have and will continue to pray for them and for you guys as well!

God Bless.

Re: hunting with a compound bow
« Reply #16 on: February 18, 2010, 05:16:20 PM »

the only thign about those mech. haeds is that you just don't know if they will 1. open up and 2. stay intact ... they would have to be much easier to tune your setup than fixed blades and i assume they penatrate the same.  skin is a little thicker and shoulders/ribs a little thicker up here than down south. hopefully i will be able to let you know how the slick tricks do on bear in a couple of months ... i am gettign a bad case of cabin fever.  i admit that i have never shot mech. in the past and have just started shooting again this past fall ... techonology changes quickly ... guess i may be just stuck in the mud!!

it is great to see anyone come to the LORD ... i remember my teen yrs. ... i didn't get saved until i was 19 and only by the grace of GOD and many people praying for me did that come about.  we are going to meet with them each tuesday night as long as my wife can ... she is busy every day with our 4 children ... the two oldest (7 & 5) are homeschooled ... my wife teaches and i principal, ... never a dull moment

P.S. -- weatherby nation is the first forum that i have joined and even though i am not an offical weatherby owner i have enjoyed the discussions greatly!
God Bless
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Re: hunting with a compound bow
« Reply #17 on: March 12, 2010, 08:41:02 PM »
 :o Hello all, I started useing a compound bow three years ago and absolutely love it! I have two Rocky Mountain Elk and a Buck Mulie so far. I'm shooting a Diamond Rapture at 70lbs. launching Beaman ICS hunter 340s and 100grn shuttle t-locks. What a rush! Never had the opportunity here in WYO to use a tree stand but looks like it could be fun. The best thing about it is if I am unsuccessful on my archery tags I still get to go for rifle season and use my 300 Whby Mag.