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I hunt yotes in FL and  IN it is a real hard time in FL because of the cover where as in IN it is a snap.It seems to me that hunting up north is not real hard. I wish some these so called pros would try FL one time.i bet you wouldnt see but 1 show .

Re: yotes
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What ya using for bait? I would use my 257 and an electronic caller and a big gut pile!
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Re: yotes
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i hunt them from my back yard i have them bad here in texas i just shot one the other night with my mossberg shotgun full chock and 00 buck he layed right over
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Re: yotes
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They don't call them wiley coyotes for nothing.  I'm like Duane we have them in the back yard always at night raiding the neghbors chicken's.  I can always tell when her mule goe's off.  Some of the stuff we hunt is very tight cover and it's shotgun time and it's usually Foxes for some reason.  I personally like hand calls even though I will use a little store bought tape player at times.  Other time's we hunt really open areas and can tell from a distance if they are coming or not.  I agree this is the easier stuff.  The thick stuff is just plain hard to hunt.  you know they are there, but just won't take that final step into the opening most of the time.  One of the best guns my buddy uses is an old Savage 24 combo 223/12 ga scoped for longer shots and just point  when using the 12 ga in the thick cover.  Beats carrying two guns at the same time.    Ron