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Thanks Duby, I like that explanation of the 7 stw, alot of what I was thinking just couldnt put it into words, oh or put my foot in my mouth. Its a great caliber and fascinating, its got the capacity to take the .284 to the max as far as bore ratio. If your smart about it the barrel would last a long time, really wouldnt be a concern.


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Hi, I have a Custom Mark V in 257 STW and a Mark V 30-378 Weatherby. It is my understanding that the brass for the .257 STW is the same as that for the 7mm STW. So, there is no questioion about the fit to a Mark V action. I enjoy shooting both and the .257 STW sounds like a racket launching. Both are new to me this year so I have not yet hunted with either. I mention the 30-378 because it was mentioned in one of the posts as were other rounds.

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I have a Remington model 700 converted from 7 mm mag. to 7 mm. STW by Bob Hart in 2016.  He installed a 24 inch Hart stainless barrel with a 2" Hart muzzle brake.  I shot four bullets into one hole at 100 yards, with Nosler 140 grain ballistic tip bullets pushed by 79.8 grains of IMR 7828 powder.   I am perfectly happy, now wishing I had the opportunity soon to hunt with it.  In Eastern PA, I rarely shoot over 150 yards at deer.  Then I messed up my dream this week by buying a Weatherby Mark V in .300 Weatherby mag.  I plan to load 180 grain Nosler Accubond bullets. Now, I need to take them both hunting.   Until recently, I used my .30-06 for antelope and mule deer in Wyoming.  I often underestimated Western USA shooting ranges before I had my Leupold 1200 rangefinder.  I have strictly hand loaded all my ammo for 50 years.  In 1988 I shot my antelope at an estimated 200 yards, by holding the .30-06 just over the shoulder.  I hit it in the knee! Later, I paced the distance at 450 yards!  I had shot a Speer 150 grain spitzer bullet.  Clear Wyoming air confused my Pennsylvania eyes.

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I have always wanted a 7stw. I was wandering through a gun shop in a new town I was working in and spotted a left hand browning in the used rack. Imagine my surprise when I saw it was a 7rem rechambered to stw! The price was good and it followed me home! Before I could even shoot it I ordered a left hand Christensen in 28 nosler. Figured I may as well just re-sell the stw. After a few responses but no sale I ended up loadin up some ammo for it and hittin the range. The results were dismal with 2.5" groups. Well, I couldn't even sell a rig that shot that poor so I tried some different loads. Let me say that stw is now the most accurate rifle I have ever owned, edging out my 257 accumark. 3/8" groups happen more often than not!! What a shooter! A good friend of mine has asked for it so I will probably let him have it. Maybe!!
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