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Go on safari in southwest africa with my Lazermark .300: some special questions

Hi nation,

I will soon go to safari in Southwestafrica (Namibia) with my Lazermark.
First time, no african experience so far.

Heard a lot about that you have to control how the gun is shooting in african climate.
Is this true ? Is this due to the fact that my wooden stock of the Lazermark "will work" (temperature, humidity) ?
I didn't freefloat the Lazermark and not sure, how the Lazermark is bedded.

Is this really a topic when going to Africa ?


I really wouldn't worry about it too much,  bedding  or I should say stock movement issues can crop up anywhere when you change climates if you stay there for awhile.  Wood is more prone to taking on moisture or drying out shifting point of impact than synthetics, even laminated stocks can move a little.  Just make sure the wood is sealed correctly and you should be fine.  I'm would hope the lazermark is sealed correctly and wouldn't worry about it.  If it's shooting fine here it will most likely be ok over there.  I would say if you lived where I do where it's extremely dry and hunt in Alaska or the northwest where it rains a lot and you are there for a few weeks and the rifle is getting wet all the time I may  start second guessing how it shoots , but you wouldn't know it until it happens anyway.  One of the main reasons for my hard core hunting rifles I prefer synthetics.    Now if you always hunted where it's humid and wet it's already swelled and probably wouldn't notice it.   You take that same rifle and move to the desert and after 3 or 4 months in the dry heat it may start shrinking and you will notice it if it isn't sealed correctly.    Really good aged wood you really don't noticed it that much,  but who uses 10 year old aged wood in stocks on new production rifles ?    Remember the fancier the wood the more it will move unless it's really well aged and sealed. 

Thanks zonie for this detailed statement.

Yes, the time we will stay in SWA is only about 10 or twelve days. So shouldn't be a problem.
Your statement made me calm.

In any case we will do control shooting. The fellow hunters I will go with use German guns, mostly Blasers, where system bedding is not a point and barrels are all free floating.

Nevertheless, we will be near Etosha, which is much more higher above sea level than we are in northern Germany,  they will do control shooting also.
Due to a different air pressure there, point of impact will move slighty anyway.


Prussian:I also agree it shouldn't be a problem.Good luck on the hunt and be sure to posts some Picts of your kills with the Lazermark beauty when you get back.
Faster horses,younger women,older whiskey,and more money.

prussian you can wipe some paste wax (johnson or simionize) on the inside barrel chanell and the outside. Put several coats and use a hair dryer inbetween coats to penetrate and helo dry And buff. Just be careful around carving if you do get it in the carving use a tooth brush to buff. I do this on all wood stocks and it brings out the shine and protects well.
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Good Hunting And Shooting To all

Thanks for your good wishes and be sure: I will post some pictures!
I want to go for the 1st of the Big Five, the Leopard.
Man, I can`t await that!

Thank you for the tipp. I will try that. We have over here a very good wax named Lupus.
It`s based on teflon and should seal that stock already by the first time.
Just for the case...


I read your post and realize it has been a while but I just ran across it. I was wondering if you have already been to Africa or are you still to go? I am anxious to heat about the Leopard. Sounds exciting. Pictures?

Hi scary,

didn't go so far. Season in SWA is up to october.
I'm busy in business at the moment. Trip is planned for mid september.

Hope that  I can go (business is - unfortunately - always more important: how can I otherwise buy all these nice Weatherbys ???)))))

Will keep you informed!!!!



I hunted Namibia last August/September near Etosha as well.  This was my first trip to African and I was also concerned about my weapon of choice.  The largest caliber that I had was a .300 Win mag (non Weatherby) with a wood stock.  The rifle did all that it was suppose to do.  I did not have any problems by taking a gun with a wood stock. 

I'm sure that you wil have a great time as did I but I truly realized this about 8 months after the hunt.  I went by myself so I did not have anyone to share the experience...............bummer.

Be sure to post pictures.  I think I may have a few pictures posted in my "trophy room" on this website.  Be sure to keep us updated as the time draws near.

What animals are on your "wish lists"?