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Has Weatherby Mark V's had issues with safety firing when placed on safe?


I was researching different calibers from another thread concerning stepping up from my 257 and came across a post on an alaskan forum...the poster claimed that weatherby's are notorious for firing when placed on safe because dirt gets in the safety.

I haven't seen any other persons make this comment and cannot even find the silly forum that it was posted on. I know that some persons on other forums have critiqued remingtons safety's for sometimes firing when placed on 'safe', and some people prefer a 3 position safety compared to weatherby's two position, but other than the one poster I haven't read about any other weatherby malfunction safety claims.

I thought that the mark v action has been produced the same way for a long time. One would think that some kind of design flaw would've reared itself by now.

So...does it really exist? Or was this person confused?

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I suspect what you saw was the posting of some dork with a computer keyboard who's never owned a rifle.  There's no widespread issue with Weatherbys firing when placed on "safe."  There were some issues with the metal in some old (German manufacture) triggers that caused some problems after the pieces cracked, but it wasn't "all" of them, and those haven't been made in some 40-odd years.  I wouldn't worry about it.
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I did have a problem with a german made mark v like dubyam pointed out. The sear cracked on a elk hunt and when the rifle was put on safe it was ok if you did nott tuch the trigger. If you did touch the trigger with the safety on when the safety was moved to fire it would fire. I had a gunsmith fix it for me and no more problems.
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I have never heard of it either.   This doesn't have to do with weatherby , but I have seen where guy's having their triggers set so lite when they closed the bolt the firing pin would drop, I've done that myself  when adjusting triggers down too far.  The problems came in when they adjusted to a hair trigger in summer and come winter the different metals contracted  at different rates causing the firing pin to drop when closing the bolt.  Other than that it must be a rare occurance. 


I also had a  problem with my German mark v 270 wby, exactly like purplefox's issue.  Gunsmith fixed it up and no more problems with it. I havnt had any problems with  my German  mark v 300 wby or my USA made 257 & 340.

Re: Has Weatherby Mark V's had issues with safety firing when placed on safe?
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The early German triggers were made out of a zinc alloy and had a tendency to crack and fracture. I've seen four of them. As reported by others Timney makes a replacement trigger for the safety on the bolt. Wisners Incorporated of Washington state makes the steel side plates for the safety on the trigger. A competent gunsmith can replace them.


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Re: Has Weatherby Mark V's had issues with safety firing when placed on safe?
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Welcome to the Nation. This is an old thread, but great info to put into the, "just in case" archive.