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« Reply #15 on: September 07, 2011, 11:47:52 PM »
Terry:   You are right two  two different heights.   I matched them up with a couple other sets I have and a pair or weavers.   What I've done should work just fine.  I actually have several set of different rings and believe it or not some were out by as much from the base to ring sadde .010  although not Warne some others I had laying around.  I even measured front to back and some were out a couple thousandths on the same rings.  I know Warne and a few others use a generic remington 700 as a basis for the Vanguard 2 piece base specs.  Leupold has a different part number  between the two and my guess is,  and I've heard this before the rem and Vanguard do have silght differences in receiver heghts although slight.  To compound the problem these rings are 4.5 " center to center which is what I like, but if the ring spacing were on the short side say 3.25" , the difference in base heigth would be more pronounced when you go to compensate with shimming which is kind of generic formula, but close enough  . 001 shim per 1 " at 100 yds.  I won't shim anyway I think it's a bandaid.   I'll know more tomorrow.   I just don't want to put a set of Leupolds on and I have them sitting here.  If  my test tomorrow doesn't work I have a way of matching the rings up to the bases and not putting any pressure on the scope, but it's going to take some filing underneath the rings to taper.   No big deal. 

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« Reply #16 on: September 08, 2011, 11:32:26 AM »
Nik:I think the blued ones are going here for around $500 with taxes.They also have a stainless one that is cool looking.Maybe another $100-150.Doc should be able to let us know for sure.
Ron:That is weird.Especially with 2 different sets.Those 110s should put a whooping on the lopes.I am going light as usual and will be using 80 ttsx.I have not even tried anything bigger in the WNMR and am stuck at about 3/4 in groups so far.It may like the heavier ones better.I'll try some after the hunt.
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Roger :   3/4"  is plenty good enough that's about what mine is shooting right now. 

Nik:   Shot both today changed rings around a little and gained 29 moa on Brandons rifle now at 32 moa  elevation to play with, calculated it out to 1350 yds before he tops out.  Mine isn't even that good.  One of these days I need to take mine down about .020 "  and that will put me way farther than I will ever shoot,  right now I'm sitting at 1000 yds before topping out. 


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MSRP on the Circuit Judge is $665. That should put it in the $569-599 range, depending on the stores cost. The first one we had at the store was selling for $599.99. If you pay cash, we can knock the price down.

Zonie, I didnt look in the box of the rifle we had at the store. Once I got mine, I was surprised at what all they thought of. There is a smooth choke to be used with the .45LC and .410 shotshells, a rifled choke for .410 slugs, a hammer spur for scope applications, and the scope base installed. Very well thought out rifle and the more I shoot mine, the more I like it.


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« Reply #19 on: September 09, 2011, 03:03:44 AM »
Thanks for the prices it gives me a saving goal but i'm going to have to add a bit to buy one here it will be worth it though,i'd buy one with my tax return but i need some car parts and what's left can go as a start of my savings,i'm going to have to get one eventually they're just too cool looking not to have one,