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300 win mag vs. grizz.......?

Re: 300 win mag vs. grizz.......?
« Reply #30 on: February 06, 2021, 07:20:10 AM »
As much as I enjoy my pre-64 300 Win Mag.
I respect it's limitations. It has served me well as a deer, elk and caribou rifle.
When it come to the big bears, be it inland or costal grizzles, I much prefer a
medium bore rifle. I have shot the 340 Wby for several decades and trust it to
do most jobs at hand. With that being said, if I were going to invest in an adventure
of a life time, I would want the odds in my favor as much as possible. The perfect
shot is a seldom thing in the real world. The 375 Wby looks mighty good as an all
around rifle chambering to me.

Just on a side note, from having lived and worked in bear country...
Bears both large and small, have my full respect. Pictured below is my saddle carbine
that rides under my leg when a horseback in the tall and uncut. Fast and handy to have in camp as well.

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Re: 300 win mag vs. grizz.......?
« Reply #31 on: April 05, 2021, 03:37:35 PM »
Years ago when Montana sold grizzly licenses, I would buy one every year and I had no qualms about hunting them with my .30 Gibbs and 180 grain Partitions.  Unfortunately I never saw a bear to shoot.

Also many years ago a hunter in NW Montana mistakenly shot a grizzly with his .30-06.  The bear ran off and the next spring MFWP live trapped that grizzly and found the bullet just under the bear's skin.  The bullet went through the bear's chest, and he completely recovered.

This fall I'm booked on a western Alaska brown bear and moose hunt.   I'll be using my .375 RUM and hopefully 270 grain Barnes TSX bullets...IF I CAN FIND SOME MORE.

If I ever hunt grizzly bear's again, my first choice rifle will be my .300 Weatherby with 180 grain Barnes TTSX bullets.
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Re: 300 win mag vs. grizz.......?
« Reply #32 on: April 06, 2021, 06:46:25 PM »
A few years back I went to Kodak island with a co worker to hunt Sitka black tails. He took his 300 weatherby loaded with 190 bergers. I had a 300 win mag stoked full of 210 Bergers. We got our deer they took both rounds to the boilers and stayed on their feet. On the third day we went to recover 2 deer that a fellow hunter had downed the day before and left over night. He stashed them in the alders and I wished I had loaded up some 220 partition instead of bergers. Both deer were fine but after the amount of punishment the deer took on that island I wonít be taking bergers again. We never did see a bear but the 3 other boats in that bay were looking for the 9íplus boar that had been seen in the area. Shot placement and bullet selection are key. Choose wisely.
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