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I caught both of these bass within 1 MOA of each other this morning. I got about a good dozen LM within an hour and they suddenly turned off. It was a good morning on the water.

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Looks like a good time Corey, and some nice looking fish.

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Troy:We may have to go down and have Corey put us on some of those big bass.Nice ones Corey.
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That looks like such a good time, especially when you compare it to the "nothing" im doing this weekend. Good job Corey.

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Isaac; Im doing the same thing... nothing !

Roger; I have seen a bass since I was down in Texas in the service. Did get out a few times and managed to catch a few even though I didnt know what I was doing.  ;D

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I haven't been out in months and had full intentions of getting skunked. I was heading to my favorite cypress tree... you can see it in the second pic where my line crosses it. The tree is right on a point in the middle of the lake and I've busted plenty nice ones there dropping a huge jig down into the roots.

Anyways on my way there I just saw bass busting on shad in open water, so I stopped and started throwing the "secret weapon". My friend is a guide and makes those lures. They're like a rattle trap with no rattle. I just buzzed it along the top of the water and they were busting it like no tomorrow.

Five other guys were out there and got skunked. I was fished out in about 2.5 hours when they quit chasing the shad and the wind picked up.

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