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Bartering is becoming a way of life where i live now that the eco is bad. i was building ar15s for some friends and myself. so iwas looking on the facebook gun groups in my area and saw a lot of stuff for sale or trade. i put one of my ars on the sight to trade only for 45 cal 1911s. i like the 1911s really well almost to much. well less than two days this man said he had a springfeild full size 45cal 1911 and a ruger sr1911 in 45cal full size. well after we met he owns a new ar15 and im a very proud owner of two really nice 1911s. god bless America and the barter system


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I have been bartering for firearms and ammo components for many years, If you want something else and have something you don't need or use well then trade it away. My last three acquisitions ,Colt light rifle-270....Winchester 101 over&under.....Savage 110 for my 243 target / varminter build.

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I never get rid of guns so no bartering there.We do a lot of borrowing of different powders,primers,bullets just to try so we dont have to buy a lot of anything that may not work.If sombody has something that they dont use they give to someone that does use it.Never really keep track of who got what but figure it all works out in the long run.6 friends that reload locally so someone usually has what you need to try.
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I spent a great deal of time on the Delmarva peninsula. Bartering is a way of life there.  Guns, traps, food, etc. were always up for trade. Food included muskrat, crabs and fish. I traded for a nice s/s shotgun ,only to find out one barrel was flattened on  the side! Oops, lesson learned! Was offered a deal I could not afford on a punt gun. Wish I had another chance at that!   :)