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.45ACP.... 5" vs 3" barrel testing

.45ACP.... 5" vs 3" barrel testing
« on: March 26, 2013, 06:08:15 PM »
Got a channce to chrony some loads from my SA 1911 and my new SA XD-s .45 ACP. I expected ~ 50fps less with the 3.3" XD-s. Five loads tested side by side.

I think the little XD-s can hold it's own on the target. First pull is OK, but the short reset makes follow up's realy sweet!!

Load #1- 230g Zero, 4.6g BE
SA 1911- 795fps
XD-s- 730fps

Load #2- 230g XTP, 5.6g W-231
SA 1911- 811fps
XD-s- 742fps

Load #3- 230g XTP, 5.8g Unique
SA 1911- 877fps
XD-s- 771fps

I think this one needs another run as Unique has been much more consistent for me in the past than this. May have been a flier on one of the loads that skewed the data.

Load #4- 200g XTP, 6.2g Unique
SA 1911- 861fps
XD-s- 801fps

This load is remarkably accurate and is shown below in my headshots.... 15 rounds quick fire (3 mags) at 25ft.

Load #5- 200g XTP, 6.4g Unique
SA 1911- 900fps
XD-s- 815fps

A bit more of a spread than I expected, but good accuracy all around. The complete chrony session of 50 rounds is on one target below.

50 round chrony session at 25ft:

15 rounds of 200g XTP's with 6.2g Unique at 801fps in the little XD-s at 25ft:
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Re: .45ACP.... 5" vs 3" barrel testing
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2013, 02:31:53 AM »
It's always a little trial and error,   looks good.    For the most part I've had good luck with unique in both the acp and long colts a little dirty burning but accuracy has been good once I find the sweet spot.  Normally in the acp I tend to use  231. 
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