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Today I noticed a 7mm wby 35th anniversary mark V for sale at a local gun shop.
I had to take a look its unfired and really like new.
Gun shop: Outdoorsman in Ontario Or
Their asking $2400. it's on consignment.

I have no relationship with the shop except as a customer. I have no idea if the price is high/low or even negotiable. But it's a nice gun for a collector. I buy shooters. 

I was looking through Leupold web for mounts of a model number of a mount I need. A 2 piece, with front mount dovetail and rear has the windage screws. This is for the FN Mauser.  I have used this type on a rem 700 338 RUM, FN Mauser 358 Norma mag and now a Mauser 375HH mag. Leupold web site has information about the mounts and says " Good for rifles up to 300 win mag." I was going to try the double dovetail mounts when I got the 338 RUM, but tried the STD mounts and after about 15 years and hundreds of rounds it has not failed. All those rifles have brakes or mag N ported barrels.

Finally my question, anyone used the mounts on a rifle larger then a 300 win mag and had them fail?   

I would get a backcountry rail like I put on my 7mm WBY, but they do not even make it for the Mauser action.

I did take off the std mounts from the 358 and put them on the 375HH and have fired 5 rounds just testing it and they are fine. I put a VX-3HD 3.5-10x40 1 inch Leupold on the 375, my first HD scope. So far, I like it. Not to big, long or heavy for the rifle with enough magnification to see shots in paper at 100yds.     

Reloading / new ammo boxes vs older
« on: January 22, 2022, 03:31:33 PM »
Does anyone know about what year the current black and gray Weatherby unloaded brass box's came into the market? After about a year of searching and none found, a couple weeks ago I found 7mm WBY brass for sale at a dealer that did not have any listed in the recent past. It came in the older gray box with the word magnum in the center. I think those went away several years ago. The brass is new and at the current price of 65 bucks for 20. The box has the CA Weatherby address printed on it vs the WY address. The last stuff I got about 14 months ago was printed with the WY address and sold for 39 bucks.
I am guessing I just received new box's of years old inventory with a jacked up price to reflect the current price of newly made brass. I will still use it, just wondering it's age.     

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