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I worked with a guy named Crooks at the Telco that was from Pa. He might be the shooter's grand dad. The guy I knew was an AH. A buch of people worked there from Pa and WVA that came to the D C area for work. Most were good people.
Yes sir, that's the only way to avoid a mob. Not important, but I just realized it was actually Wednesday morning; Thursday morning I headed back to my job as I had gotten word power was back there.
I wouldn't go for a car ride with a Kennedy,that's for sure.
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Sounds like you planned that right.Being early that morning.
Don't be shocked if this happens again before January 20th (or some "unfortunate accident").
Funny that all the talk of Biden not running has stopped!!! Maybe they plan on finishing what the first shooter (DNC) started!!!
These outside rallies are very dangerous.Hard to protect someone from 360 degrees
       Thats why the Pope mobil is now bullet proof. Bullet proof material may be used on podiums indoors and outdoors in the future.
                      Protection procedures will be reviewed and changed after this shooting.
             I agree with you and me. Federal agencies never want to have the finger pointed at them when something goes wrong, but when it happens, most times they get soft landings. Not so this time. (hopefully)🤞
Shopping for a generator?   ;D
I have a Champion 7800/6500W generator, but I couldn't run central AC. I had it powering the fridge/freezer, a portable fan, a small TV occasionally and a lamp at night. I tried to conserve propane (the more you plug in and increase the load, the more fuel you consume), as getting more propane was not the easiest thing, plus we needed to conserve gas in the truck as much as possible too - no wild goose chases wasting gas looking for propane. I have some 30LB tanks, but going to buy a couple more soon. I went for more propane at 6:45am Thursday (25 minute drive) - there were six trucks parked in line at the gate in front of me when I arrived, waiting for opening at 8am. Got my propane pretty quick after they opened at 8 and when I finished loading and pulled out, there was at least 40 vehicles lined up on the side of the road.
Biden cancelled an appearence for today. I'm sure the Secrat Service is looking at their protection policy right now, a day late and a dollar short!
I saw a news article saying the kid was rejected from his high school shooting team because he was such a horrible shot to the point of being dangerous. If that's the case, how did he get within three inches of a perfect kill shot at 130 yards if he couldn't hit the side of a barn? Supposedly, Trump moved his head slightly just as the shot was squeezed off, so the aim may have been dead on. Three inches off on windage at 130 yards is not exactly sniper level shooting, but not all that terrible shooting either by civilian standards - a cross breeze could pull the bullet that much. Or, was he just lucky to get that close... or, was there another shooter hidden somewhere... or, did somebody train him to shoot accurately. Lots of questions with no definitive answers (yet, at least).
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