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Where to find recoil spring for SA-08, 28 ga.. not Weatherby, dealers, gunsmiths

Weatherby cannot or will not provide replacement for recoil spring for SA-08, 28ga. Not dealers, not gunsmiths, not Armsan, not Mossberg SA-08. Beautiful gun useless without recoil spring. Please help, Rednose

I also have a Weatherby SA-08 28 Gauge... I needed a recoil spring and searched all over without success.  Weatherby note that the firearm is oibsolete and they no longer have parts.  I have thus had Qty 5 springs custom manufactured using the original as a design template.  I have installed on in my 28gauge and am keeping one spare.  The other Qty 3, are available and I will sell at my cost, plus shipping...  you can message me if interested...