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Coyotes, cats, dogs, horses, Oh! My!

Rural Oklahoma has these here pesky critters and several have been so bold as to come to my house every night for the past several years.  So,  Saturday night was ambush "Willy Night", and it worked out okay.  Friday no coyote and Saturday earlier in the evening than usual there was Willy.  About 20 yards from my ambush point, which was an inside window at the front of my house. 

Everything was in place the window was open to the outside, the rifle was leaning against the bed, I had a rifle shooting pad and I was loaded for coyotes.  Too much bullet and too much gun, but I did not care.  All I wanted to do was to send a clear signal your not welcome here.

When all of my 5 dogs started to bark, I run to the window looked out and could not believe how close he was. BANG.  No more Willy.  Pictures to follow later this week.

Boy I am so happy, I did not sale this gun.  Have I said, that before? ;D

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Bud:Great job.I hope you warned everyone what was coming. ;D.I had a friend that got up one morning and saw a nice buck out the bedroom window.He grabbed his 300, slid the window up  and shot through the screen.He got the deer and a knot on his head from his wife as she was still asleep.He said she yelled and was standing up in the bed with her hair standing straight out.
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Been there done that. LOL

New bride a 12 gauge, and a magpie out the back door of the trailer early one morning.lol
We are still married 36 years later and I still shoot coyotes out the up stairs door close to the bedroom, she pulls the pillow over her head when she hears the bolt closing.
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I've been there, done that also  ;D  In my early 20's my girlfriend at the time and me live in a small cabin on the edge of the family ranch. One spring morning, she got up to go to the bathroom, I heard a scream, and she yelling there is a bear looking in the window at her. I jumped out of bed, grabbed the old 303 behind the door, ran out on the deck and shot the young bear. When she calmed down, she told me, she didn't know what was worst, the bear looking in the window at her, or me shooting the bear off the deck of the cabin, wearing nothing but my boots. hahaha  ;D